How an 18 year old boy’s body ended up extending 6 lives.

An 18-year-old teenager was involved in an accident that resulted in his death. After his death, the parents found out that he had intended to donate his body towards the Thai Red Cross Society in the case of death. The family was shocked to hear the news, but they want his intentions to be fulfilled and understand the good reasoning behind it.


Hopefully, this story reminds other parents to always keep an eye on their child, your protection may be unwanted sometimes, but it can end up saving your child from dangerous situations. Mthai News received news on 30 May 2019 about a 56-year-old father bringing his son’s body after a tragic incident to the Chiangrai Prachanukroh Hospital in Chiang Rai Province.


Watchara Umput wants to fulfill his son’s intentions even though he was extremely shocked when he heard that his son had registered for his body to be donated. Pongsatorn Umput 18 years old from Phayao Province passed away after an accident. 2 years before the accident, his son had registered to donate his organs to the Thai Red Cross.


When Watchara heard about his son wanting to be a donor and that his body could be used to extend 6 lives of people on the donor waiting list, he knew right away what his choice was. He wishes that his son is in a better place from his good heart and he wants to be a part of his son’s history.


Credit: Mthai
Credit: Mthai


The mother of Pongsatorn, Saokum Umput 47 years old revealed that her son has always been a good person, he would always help out other people and do good deeds. Since he was young, he was a quiet person and he always followed the rules. Pongsatorn went to secretly register his name as an organ donor. No one in the family knew this, even Saokum.


The secret came out when a letter was delivered to their home from the organ donation center. At first, she disagreed and felt sad about his decision. But after she realized the true intentions behind his action and that a long list of people was waiting for organ donors, she supported her son’s decision.


Currently, there are 6,241 names on the organ donor waiting list. Over 6,000 of these patients require a kidney transplant, followed by a liver transplant with 247 patients, heart transplant with 23 patients, and lung transplant with 23 patients on the donor waiting list. So far in 2019, there have been 111 donors with 255 patients who have received an organ transplant.


FB Caption: The parents wish to fulfill their son’s intention to donate his body towards patients on the donor waiting list.


Source: Mthai