4 illnesses that come with the cold season

The Department of Disease Control of the Ministry of Public health has issued health warnings on 4 sicknesses that come with the cold weather. Some forms of germs, viruses, and bacteria have higher potentials surviving in the cold weather. They are able to spread faster and better through the air.




These illnesses are contagious diseases that can easily spread through the air, and also by contact from those who are sick.


The first illness to be aware of is Measles, where early symptoms include rashes on the skin, with fever. Measles is spread through mucus from those who are sick by the breathing system, then spreading to the rest of the body. Although measles is not a deadly disease, and often times the body can heal on its own, some can have side effects that come with the disease which leads us to the next illness.


Pneumonia is caused by an infection of the lungs, where one lung can be infected and in bad cases, both of the lungs can be infected. The lungs become inflamed making it hard to breathe from the fluid that the produced by the air sacs in the lungs when becoming infected. For young children, the elderly, and those with already existing medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.




Influenza is the third illness in concern where it spreads extremely easily, especially in the cold weather. Some symptoms include fever, coughing, mucus, and diarrhea. Normally, influenza goes away in a few days as the body fights the sickness. But, for young children, the elderly, and those with already existing medical conditions can have a hard time healing from influenza with serious side effects as the body is weaker and more prone to worse health conditions from the contamination.


The last illness is Rotavirus, the virus causes gastroenteritis which is an inflammation inside the stomach including the intestines. Some symptoms include diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, and fever. The Rotavirus normally affects young children and can cause extreme sickness to the point of death in worse cases.


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Source: Mthai