Father almost loses child after leaving him alone for 5 minutes.

This story is a good reminder to parents on why you shouldn’t leave your child alone, even if it is a matter of minutes. The father named Arongkorn Basspro Inpu shared on his Facebook account the moment between life and death of his child. Luckily the father was able to save his child before it was too late.


Credit: BUB Society
Credit: BUB Society


Arongkorn stated on 5 January 2020 “Parents have to be careful in every minute of your child’s life and sometimes accidents occur even when you’re careful. Today I really wanted to stay with my child because I have been working all day and night at my shop. I went upstairs to be with him in our bedroom. Then I received a call from a customer who came to put his bass guitar in for repair. My wife went to the market and when I looked at him, he looked like he was sleeping.


I thought to myself I could sneak downstairs for 5 minutes it should be ok. When I returned I saw my child laying on his stomach with his hand down his throat while he was struggling. He seemed like he was in a seizure. I knew right away something was choking him and I had about 3 minutes to save him. These 3 minutes was the moment between life and death for me and my child. I did everything I could think of while he was getting weaker every second. I tried grabbing, shaking, hanging him upside down, and then we were both crying.


Credit: American Redcross
Credit: American Red Cross


The feeling in the moment was terrible and extremely painful, although it was only 2 minutes. Thank you for not taking my child away from me, thank you for your mercy on me. When my child threw up was a valuable moment for me and my family. Thank You to my consciousness even if it seemed like I didn’t have it. Thank You to my gut feeling that made me rush back up to my child. Those 3 minutes made me realize how much parents love their children. Nothing in this world could be scarier than what I just went through. It was a mistake that will never happen again. I hope that this is a warning to never leave your child alone no matter what because you might not be this lucky. If anything happened to him I don’t know how my wife and I will live, our parents also.”


Credit: INN News
Credit: INN News


This incident is another warning to why everyone should know how to do the Heimlich Maneuver.


FB Caption: “I thought to myself if I could sneak downstairs for 5 minutes it should be ok.”


Source: INN News