Coronavirus: first Human transmission in Thailand.

Anutin Charnvirakul, Minister of Public Health reported at 15.45 on 31 January 2020 the latest update on the Coronavirus situation in Thailand revealing that the first human-to-human transmission has been discovered in the nation. Together with 4 other Coronavirus patients, there are a total of 19 coronavirus cases in Thailand to date. All 4 recently discovered cases are Chinese tourists from Wuhan.


The first case of human transmission comes from a Thai taxi driver who has never been to China before. It is estimated that a Chinese passenger spread the virus while using his taxi services, the identity of the tourist is unknown. Tanarak Pipat from the Department of Disease Control stated “The Thai person who got infected does not have a record of traveling to China and it is likely that he was infected from a sick traveler from China.”


There have also been cases of human-to-human transmissions outside of China in other nations including Japan, the USA, France, and Germany. All of the cases contracted the virus from visitors coming in the countries from Wuhan. The first case of human transmission for the Coronavirus in Japan is a bus driver who delivered tour groups coming in from Wuhan.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


As for the USA, the first human-to-human transmission happened to a man who caught it from his wife. The wife started getting symptoms after arriving back in the USA after a trip to Wuhan. Experts in the US commented that they expect additional cases. Turning to France, the first case infected by human transmission in the country is to a doctor. The doctor had previously treated a patient from China. The patient only realized that they had the virus after returning.


The first case of human transmission in Germany is a man who was visited by a friend from China. The female friend didn’t have any symptoms at the time of visiting the German man but since then she has been hospitalized back in China. She lives in Shanghai and was visited by her parents who came in from Wuhan.


FB Caption: Human-to-human transmission of the Coronavirus has now been found in Thailand, Japan, the USA, France, and Germany.


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