Couple arrested for selling fake medical certificates.

A husband and wife have been arrested for selling fake medical certificates. They had template forms for almost every hospital in Thailand including both private and public hospitals. The suspects admitted a big group of customers work in factories and the entertainment industry. Police Colonel Piyawut Kaewmanee from Samut Prakan Police inspected a print and photocopy shop at 17.00 on 22 January 2021. The shop is located at a market in the main city of Samut Prakan. Police received information that the shop has been selling fake medical certificates.


Credit: Khaosod


Thanakorn Sangwong 58-year-old and Sumin Knimjaingan 56-year-old were typing on a computer when the police entered their shop. Officials inspected inside a desk and found a 100 THB bill that was used in a sting operation. Inside the computers were hundreds of logos and forms of hospitals in Thailand. Police seized 2 computers, 2 printers, and paper used to print the fake medical certificates. Police Colonel Kritsada Trisarnputthachat the Muang Samut Paknam Hospital lawyer revealed that many companies in the Bangpoo Industrial Estate have called asking about medical certificates issued by the hospital. These companies all noticed that there was something strange about the documents and there were also many employees who used the same medical certificate for sick leave.


Credit: Khaosod


The hospital revealed these medical certificates used names of doctors who don’t actually work at the hospital. There is also no history of the patients visiting the hospital. The employees who used fake medical certificates admitted that they purchased these certificates for 100 THB. The lawyer went to file a report with the police on behalf of the hospital. The suspects admitted that they have been selling fake medical certificates for 100 THB each. Many of the customers work in factories and the entertainment industry. The suspects claim they have been doing this only for a while. Both have been delivered to the Samut Prakan City Police Station.


FB Caption: The companies noticed an unusual amount of employees were on sick leave.


Source: Khaosod