Police get tough on motorcycle helmets

THE Metropolitan Police is cracking down on motorcyclists and pillion passengers who zoom around without wearing a helmet and will now seize the motorbike and send them to get one and wear it while also imposing  as much as 1,000 baht fine, INN News reported today (Dec. 17).

Pol. Maj. Gen. Chitphat Phumichit, deputy head of the Metropolitan Police, said the number of accidents and fatalities that occur through not wearing helmets is high among Bangkok’s 3.4 million motorcyclists and the law will now be strictly enforced for better protection.

The goal is to get every single motorcyclist in Bangkok to wear headgear in order to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities, he added.

It has been found that just fining or giving a ticket for not wearing helmets and then releasing motorcyclists is not reducing the risk to life.

From now on, those caught riding motorcycles without a helmet will have to go get one and wear it then only would they be allowed to continue riding on. This also applies to the pillion passenger.

Police will be strictly implementing this law on 88 Bangkok routes, with today being the last day of the December 11-17 public relations period.

During Dec 18-24 there will be a bigger public relations effort, but police will start holding motorbikes and send the riders to go get their helmets but no fine will be imposed as yet.

However, after that motorcyclists and their passengers will have to pay the highest amount of fine.

This action is intended to reduce accidents during the New Year festival and police can immediately fine 1,000 baht in all instances, Pol Maj Gen Chitphat added.


Top: A woman sits sideways without a helmet or a hold. Photo: Akinori Yamada. (CC-BY-2.0)