Mall in Bangkok temporarily shuts down due to Covid-19

Union Mall in Bangkok has announced that it will be temporarily closed from 13-27 May due to the effects of Covid-19. This follows the latest 3rd Covid-19 wave in Thailand and the temporarily shut down is to help limit the spread of the virus along with helping sellers to save rent costs. Only restaurants with delivery services will remain open. The mall posted an officials announcement on 9 May 2021. The post stated “Union Mall and sellers agreed to “take a rest” to minimize Covid-19 effects. The mall will be temporarily closed down from 13-27 May 2021 or until further announcements are made.


Credit: Khaosod


The restaurants with delivery or take-home services will remain open. This is to help sellers to “rest” their worries on costs and to “rest” from the fear of getting infected. We believe that “rest” will help limit the spread of Covid-19 to the society. “Believe that Union Mall is clean with highest safety from Covid-19” Thank you to all our customers that have trusted and believed in our mall. The mall believes all of us in Thailand will be able to win and to pass this challenge”. The mall also published a letter that revealed seller’s feelings towards the past year with Covid-19. They always believed that the government will be able to control the spread. It may have seemed liked that at first, but new waves kept returning.


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The worst is that the virus did not just effect people, but it is poison to the economy. Businesses that were not strong enough, died alive. Businesses that had strong bases are able to survive. The problem is no one knows how much longer the Covid-19 situation will last. Union Mall are one of the businesses that were heavily affected. The mall has always strictly followed rules set out by the government. It is impossible to know if those we meet every day are infected or are those who are considered as high risk. The mall has had less customers resulting in the sellers receiving less income. They are facing health and financial risks.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Union mall reveals sellers are facing both health and financial risks.

Source: Khaosod