Man falls asleep and is trapped inside a bus.

A man fell asleep on the bus and gets trapped inside, the surprise is this is not his first time. The man wonders why no one woke him up. He tried pressing the horn but no one helped him. Film 26 Years old gave an interview to Khaosod News on 7 August 2023. Film stated the incident took place on 5 August 2023 and he was on his way home back from work. He took the bus as usual at 22.00 and was sitting in the furthest back seat. He believes his nap was very deep because of the pills he takes for depression. He woke up because a friend called him and realized he was still on the bus. 



It was pitch black inside and when he looked out the window there were many more busses around him, all with the same number. Film stated “I knew what had happened and the driver forgot me inside the bus. I tried to find ways to leave starting with shining my phone light through the window. No one was there and then I honked the horn many times but no one helped me. I then used the emergency door to leave”. What is surprising is that this is not his first time falling asleep on the bus but this time no one woke him up. 



He believes the driver and the employee inside the bus must’ve not seen him as he was in the furthest seat. Film posted his story online and a comment stated the bus is parked at 22.00 and then cleaned. If the bus was cleaned how is it possible no one saw him? Film admits it is very dangerous to fall into such deep sleep as he did but believes it was from the pills he takes. Film confirms he did not intentionally stay on the bus for content or attention. He hopes the driver and the employee inside apologize to him, for which case he will forgive them. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: This is not the first time he fell asleep on the bus, but no one woke him up. 


Source: Khaosod