Gold shop robber managed to get away with 1.7M.

A gold shop robbery took place in Bangkok and the thief managed to get away with 1.7 million THB worth of gold. The employee inside the gold shop got scared and decided it was not worth her life protecting the gold and ran away. The thief gathered 48 baht of gold worth 1.7 million THB. Sai Mai Police received notification of a robbery on 9 August 2023 at 18.50. A gold shop named Aurora in a Big C mall located in Sai Mai District, Bangkok was robbed. Police Lieutenant Colonel Virot Ponbun and related officials immediately went to the gold shop. 



An employee who appeared to still be in shock reported to officials that the robber was a big man wearing a black shirt and shorts. He wore a black hat and came in as a regular customer. He then changed and threatened to burn down the shop. He started pouring sanitizing alcohol all over the counters. The employee inside was scared and decided to run away. The man then climbed over the counter and grabbed gold along with the cash inside the cashier machine. 



The robber managed to get away with 16 gold necklaces that weighed 7.58 grams, 22 gold necklaces that weighed 1 baht, 9 gold necklaces that weighed 2 baht, and 200,000 THB in cash. Together he managed to get away with 48 baht of gold and cash worth together over 1.7 million THB. Police started the investigation and collected security footage from the area. They also collected fingerprints left behind at the scene. Hopefully, police will find the identity and arrest the robber along with the missing gold necklaces.  


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: He started pouring alcohol all over the counter and threatened to burn the shop down. 


Source: Khaosod