Nursing student arrested after theft spree.

A nursing student has been arrested after stealing from at least 10 locations. The nursing student has destroyed her future because her addiction to online gambling has led to illegal activity. Police Captain Nathampob Wayo from the Ubon Ratchathani City Police Station along with related officials arrested Jenjira 22 years old. The suspect is a 4th year nursing student at a university in the province. The suspect was arrested at an apartment parking lot. Offcials also found evidence including a Dell notebook and a Yamaha motorbike with a Chonburi Province license plate on 4 August 2023. 



Interrogation revealed that the suspect had been stealing from homes in the main city of Ubon Ratchathani and Warin Chamrap District. She has been into at least 10 homes. His routine would be to break into these homes, find any valuable goods, and then sell them to a second-hand store. The student needed money to fund her online gambling addiction. She also owes money to friends, over 300,000 THB. Although she claims the money is used to pay the debt, the true reason is more likely to spin a few more slots. 



Her latest theft was a notebook and a tablet in Ban Nong Hai Village. She then took the notebook to a computer shop to wipe the memory. The computer shop found her suspicious and decided to notify the police. Officials followed her to the apartment and arrested the suspect. Police found a total of 18 stolen items that have not yet been sold in her room. The evidence will be used in the case against Jenjira. Natachat 28 years old, a victim stated that the suspect stole 50,000 THB in cash from her. She was resting with her youngest child in the living room when the suspect entered her home through the backdoor and went through her purse. Even though there was someone home, Jenjira was desperate enough to come in and go through her items. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The suspect was so desperate she broke into the home while the owner was still inside. 


Source: Khaosod