Man waited 5 days for Covid-19 test, now dead.

A man did not receive a Covid-19 test as he was waiting for 5 days, it was too late when medical care was finally available. This case of Covid-19 went viral online showing how so many people are not able to receive medical care. It is so hard to get treatment or even to just get tested for the virus due to the long waiting list. Kunlasub Wattnaphon known as Up the gamer posted on his personal Facebook page revealing his experience as a Covid-19 patient in Thailand. Up is a famous gamer in Thailand known for his substantial role in Thailand’s E-sport industry. He posted on 17 April 2021 “I have been in self quarantine for 5 days, there is no quota open for Covid-19 tests in my area. No one is answering the emergency line. It has been so long I will recover soon”.



Up went live on Facebook on 21 April telling his story. He started developing symptoms on 14 April 2021. He could not get tested for Covid-19 as it was impossible to contact anyone. He was afraid to go outside as there was always coughing. It was hard just to take a walk to the bathroom. He then later posted “An update to how I am doing. The doctor said I am in bad conditions, also because I am overweight. I am not feeling better, my oxygen is over 80, and only 20% of my lungs are left. I am in ICU with no date to when I will be leaving. Therefore no one can contact me; you cannot take the phone in there. This message is posted by a fellow patient”.


Then on 23 April the friend posted Up’s latest update. It was sad news that stated “At 11.26 Up has left this earth. This post is to find a past friend of Up’s, the friend lives in Lampang Province. Up wanted to make sure I found the friend”. Another post was made following the news “The funeral will take place at 2 PM at Ladprao Temple. Up said once that if he was to die, he hopes everyone will join his funeral. He wants to know if anyone would be sad. But because of the current circumstances, let us all say goodbye to him through the screen. I wish everyone safety”.


Credit: Sanook



FB Caption: Not long after revealing it was impossible to get tested for Covid-19, the patient died.


Source: Sanook