Rat attack in Big Bangkok mall.

A man was attacked by a rat inside a mall located in Bangkok. The mother of the victim is asking for the mall to take responsibility. This incident is hard to believe as you never see a rat inside a mall, especially during business hours. The mother shared the story to a famous Facebook Page in Thailand named “Oi Sri and Pong Puek” in Thai. The post captioned “A rat in a mall food court, inside a big shopping center in Bangkok. The incident took place on 2 May 2023 when the mother and son went to enjoy a meal. This was in a mall, not a market. Hygiene is very important in any mall, big and small. I believe there should be a hygiene standard in a mall”. 



The 19-year-old man revealed the rat ran out from a restaurant and bit his foot. The mall helped clean the wound but did not send the victim to a hospital. The victim had to travel to a hospital and pay for the bill himself. There was both good and inadequate response from the mall, but they did apologize. The family is afraid that the victim may have caught something from the rat as they often carry diseases. The mall asked to see the bills but the mother and son cannot go in often as the mother lives in another province. 



They cannot agree on a solution as the mall cannot give an answer on a time to meet. There has been a request for security footage in the food court. Officials stated they had only received one footage from one corner. The mother is most worried about the cleanliness of the mall because if there is a rat running around where customers are, then what about the kitchen? She is afraid that the rats inside can get into the food before it is served to customers. She hopes this story helps remind malls and restaurants to beware of food safety and hygiene. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The rat ran out from a restaurant and bit the man’s foot. 


Source: Khaosod