Rayong Police says “There are no casinos” in the province.

The Commander of Rayong Provincial Police, Pol.Maj.Gen Papatchdej Ketpan stated that there are no illegal casinos in the province. The persons caught gambling were doing it on their own. The Commander also says there are only 7 Covid cases connected to the illegal casino, not as many as the governor reported. Rayong reported on 26 December 2020 stating 36 cases were confirmed positive all connecting to an illegal casino in the province. Commissioner of Provincial Police Region 2, Pol.Lt.Gen Vira Jiravira, the Commander of Rayong, and other related officials joined in an emergency meeting at the Provincial Police Division.


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After 2 hours Pol.Lt.Gen Vira returned outside before leaving without speaking to the media. The Commander of Rayong reported on 27 December 2020 he received regulations from the Commissioner. He also confirmed that there are no casinos in the province. What was previously reported by the Rayong province stating 36 new Covid cases are tied to the illegal casino is not true. Only 7 cases are connected to where there was illegal gambling. The Commander admits there are illegal gambling issues in the province but officials are always working on shutting down these illegal businesses. Those in connection with gambling in the province are arrested. Netizens from the area have posted online revealing the casino can be found simply by searching in google maps but the location has been removed recently.


Credit: Sanook


Channa Iamsang the Rayong Governor and Satit Pitutecha the Deputy Public Health Minister reported the latest Covid-19 update in the province on the same day. There are 49 new cases, a total of 85 cases since the new wave started. The Deputy Minister reported the first cases would not work with officials when asked where they have been and who they came into contact with. Because of this, the province must put in strict measures to protect others in the province.



FB Caption: The Commander of Rayong Provincial Police and the Governor are reporting different information to the public.


Source: Sanook