Man arrested after not paying tollway fee 360 times.

A man has been arrested after not paying the tollway fee 360 times. The man did this by driving in the M-flow lane which is reserved for registered vehicles only. The court has ordered the suspect to pay 10 times the original fee amounting to 118,800 THB. Pol.Maj.Gen. Jarunkiat Pankaew gave orders to related officials to arrest Pornsak 36 years old on 28 June 2023. The man is wanted by an arrest warrant issued by the Thanyaburi Provincial Court and the Minburi Provincial Court. He is facing charges related to intentionally avoiding the fee on an express road. 


The man was arrested on a bridge in Bang Bua Thong, Nonthaburi Province. A representative from the Department of Highways went to file a police report with the police against Pornsak. The suspect has been using the tollway but intentionally avoiding the tollway fee by using a special lane. He has done this regularly to an extreme amount of times. Pornsak has avoided paying the tollway fee 360 times. This is a total of 10,800 THB but an added 10 times the original fee. The total comes to 118,800 THB. Evidence was collected and the courts issued the arrested warrants bringing the man in. 


Pornsak has admitted to all charges and has been delivered to the police station for prosecution. M-flow is an automatic payment system that is used on Thai tollways. Users need to register with the system and they can pass through the special M-flow lane without slowing down. The system uses video trolling which collects images of the license plates that pass through. The money is then deducted automatically from your account. This system was designed to replace typical automatic paying systems that still require you to slow down or stop the car. There is also no barrier and cars can use the system simply by registering.  


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption:  The man avoided paying the tollway fee by driving in the M-flow lane. 

Source: Khaosod