Gambling addiction turns granddaughter into thief.

A granddaughter brought her grandmother to file a report at the police station after almost 1 Million THB went missing. This is the grandmother’s life savings and all of it is now gone. The granddaughter helped her grandmother travel to the Udon Thani City Police Station. The 2 claimed that someone had withdrawn all the money. Police started an investigation and the truth was revealed not long after. Somsri 73 year old and Kesirin Wopang 27 year old, filed a report stating 757,276 had gone missing from Somsri’s bank account. The report was filed on 1 April 2022. 



Somsri stated she wanted to withdraw money for the monthly bills. Her granddaughter helped her travel to the bank. This is when she found out all the money was gone. The grandmother talked to a bank employee who printed out a statement showing where the money went. This was then given to the police as evidence in the case. Somsri stated she never thought her granddaughter would be the one who took the money. Police talked to the granddaughter and the truth was revealed. The granddaughter admits she used the money for online gambling. 



Somsri revealed she is very disappointed and mad. The grandmother wishes to press charges because it is extremely wrong. Somsri was the person who raised the granddaughter from the moment she was born. Wopang now has 2 kids of her own and Somsri was the one who also raised the children. Wopang never helped look after her own children. Wopang’s husband had just come out of prison after 5 years inside. The money came from her daughter who lives abroad. It is intended to be used as funds for buying land and a to build a home for the future. She is currently renting and her daughter wanted her to have a home in her name. Police stated the money was withdrawn via online application. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The granddaughter who brought her grandmother into the police station was the person who used all the money for online gambling. 


Source: Sanook