Workers flee factory camps as lockdown is announced.

Workers have been running away from factory campsite after the lockdown was announced at 1 am on 27 June 2021. Police and related officials have blocked the entrance and exit of a factory in Pak Kret, Nonthaburi Province. Somyot Wichakorn the Pak Kret Village chief gave orders to related officials to surround a factory camp after workers have been escaping out of the factory. This follows the announcement of a 1-month lockdown in Bangkok and 4 outskirt provinces. The lockdown took place very suddenly an unexpectedly as the people had already believed that there would be no lockdown.


Credit: Sanook


The lockdown had safety precaution orders including a strict rule that no workers are allowed to move from the factory camp for a period of 1 month. While officials started setting up the surrounding check points many foreign workers were found carrying all their personal belongings into vehicles. Officials revealed who they were and asked what the workers were doing. They were all preparing to travel back home. Officials explained to them why traveling is not possible at this time, even if it was inside the country. It took some effort and time but the workers who were stopped in time returned to the factory camp.



Officials then went to set up checkpoints at a different camp site across from Major Pak Kret. The location is where more than 1,700 foreign workers reside as they are working on a new electric train project. While they surrounded the areas, many workers were caught in trucks driving out of the camp site. They all had their personal belongings planning to leave the area. Officials asked to search and discovered that many had previously been infected with Covid-19, they have made a recovery but are supposed to be in quarantine. All the workers were in shock when they saw police surrounding the area.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Due to lockdown workers must remain in their campsite for a month.


Source: Sanook