A café next to a creek

IF you happen to be visiting southern coastal province of Ranong and are looking for a place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the lap of nature then head to Huai Kangkao café which is right next to a creek.

Not many people know about this café, said Sanook! Travel’s columnist Peeranut P., mainly because when you mention Mueang Ranong, most folk think about the sea, the green hills, Ngao Waterfall and Chao Muang Ranong Cemetery.

As to why this café is so special, this is surely due its location next to the small creek surrounded by lush greenery, with guests able to dip their legs in the water while sipping coffee or some other soft drink.

Kangkao cafe Ranong

Located on the route between Kra Buri and Mueang districts, it is certainly a good resting point that visitors should not miss.

The café is built of wood and decorated in a vintage style and guests can take their cup of coffee or glass of soft drink to the rear, climb down the stairs, and immediately reach the creek, which has very clear water.


The owners have placed several rafts on the water, with some of them having chairs on them, and this makes it a cool place to enjoy your drink.

Suggested drinks are pickled lemon and strawberry smoothies and Arabica coffee.

Aside from a good rest in the arms of nature, guests will also get a chance to take some stunning photos to share online.


Top: Huai Kangkao café next to the beautiful creek surrounded emerald green grass and trees.  Photos: Sanook.com


Huai Kangkao café

86/39 Bang Non subdistrict , Mueang Ranong district, Ranong

Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Telephone: 081 802 0679