Another scandal on Thai tourism erupts China

A SECOND negative video clip on Thai tourism is going widely viral in China with this showing a tour guide threatening Chinese tourists to buy products from a shop, and then forcing them to leave the bus when they refused to do so, while also telling them they would not be allowed get on the bus the next day, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported this morning (May 11).

The video clip posted on the page of Facebook member Ai Chong and picked up by Chinese media said this incident occurred on Wednesday May 9,  and one part of the text which was translated into Thai says:

“A guide of a tour company in Thailand threatened Chinese tourists to buy products, they got scared and returned to China on their own on May 9.”

The incident in the video clip occurred after the guide took the tourists to a shop selling rubber products, but only one tourist bought a rubber pillow.

The guide got angry and argued with the tourists and they were forced out of the bus and told to return to Bangkok on their own, and also threatened that the next day they would not be allowed to get on the bus again.

Chinese media mentioned that before coming on this tour all the tourists bought their package from a Chinese tour company and signed an agreement that they would not be forced to buy products.

While it is not certain whether the guide is Thai or Chinese, with the Chinese media not identifying this person’s nationality only saying the tour company is Thai, many commentators said this guide is Chinese.

This video clip spread quickly with 3 million people having viewed it, and many Chinese netizens voiced their opinion with some saying: “If you go to Thailand avoid the guides,” “Thailand is no longer an attractive place to visit,” and “why is it these days there is only bad news about tours to Thailand?”


Top: A 2012 filephoto shows Chinese tourists at the Grand Palace in Bangkok. Photo: The Star Online (