Injured dolphin, calf run aground at Phang Nga

A DOLPHIN that was so badly hurt it could no longer swim ran aground at southern Phang Nga province’s Koh Yao Yai island together with its calf with both being rescued by officials and the mother now recovering, Thai News Agency reported this morning (June 27).

Veterinarians at Phuket Marine Biological Center quickly moved in to help the 2 dolphins, particularly the injured mother which was very weak and was taken to a nursing pond, while the healthy calf was released back into the sea.

Ms Phachraporn Kaewmong, a veterinarian at this center, siad officials from Marine and Coastal Resources Administration Office 9 helped in taking care of the mother dolphin and her calf.


An initial check showed that they are stripped dolphins with the calf being male measuring 140 centimeters long.  It was released back into the sea at Phang Nga Bay between Koh Yao Yai and Phuket, and the network told to watch out and make sure it does not run aground again.

The mother dolphin is 214 centimeters long and weighs 70 kilograms. It is very weak with a wound on the side of the body and cannot swim nor maintain its balance. After being brought to the nursing pond at the center for treatment, it has been given antibiotics and a cradle used to hold it in water. While the dolphin’s condition is stable, it is still being closely watched.


Top: Officials help the dolphin mother and her calf that ran aground yesterday. Photos:  Thai News Agency

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