Mental health in Thailand worse during Covid-19

Suan Dusit Poll from Suan Dusit University in Thailand has published research that revealed mental health in Thailand has become worse during the Covid-19 situation. This is mainly due to a decrease in income while daily payments have gotten higher for many families. The Suan Dusit Poll has asked 1,239 people on 25-29 May 2020 on the topic of “Top 10 concerns of the Thai people”. The results have revealed that stress is on the rise while many are trying to adapt to the “new normal” lifestyle.


71.50% indicated that they are most stressed on personal payments and payments related to the family. 70% stated that they are worried about the health of their family members. 67.60% stated that they are worried about the survival of their family and the condition of life. 67.20% are worried about their decreased income resulting from the virus. 64.21% stated that they have no savings or a decrease in savings. 63.67% stated that traveling to work has been harder and they often feel unsafe. 63.46% stated that they have a fear of losing their jobs. 60.55% revealed that they are in debt, have higher debt, or no money for installment payments. And 60.07% stated that their mental health has gotten worse during this time, very stressed, anxiety, and bored of life.


The Suan Dusit Poll also published research on what the “New Normal” is like for most Thai people. The poll asked 1,064 people on 18-22 May 2020. The top 10 results are, 71.05% will only choose to travel to locations that they believe are free from the virus. 61.18% will go shopping in malls only when necessary with masks and hand sanitizer. 59.68% have started their day earlier when leaving the house along with self-protection when using public transportation. 59.40% will be more careful when joining a public event or a party and go only when necessary. 56.39% will always wear a medical mask when outside, practice frequent hand washing and avoid crowded spaces. 47.27% have chosen to focus on choosing what they eat more carefully along with choosing more healthier and cheaper options. 46.43% Will visit temples and make donations only in clean locations on special occasions. 45.39% have cared more about their health, started exercising, and taking supplements. 45.11% are selecting fresh ingredients, eating only freshly cooked food, and choosing to cook at home. 42.39% will choose to work in clean areas and work in whatever job is available.


FB Caption:  63.46% stated that they have a fear of losing their jobs.


Source: Sanook, Suan Dusit Poll