Nearby Koh Kham now open every day!

GOOD news for those planning to visit Koh Kham off the coast of adjacent Chonburi province because it is now easier to do so with this island being open every day rather than just weekends, reported today (May 22, 2018).

Koh Kham is administered by the Naval Coast Guard which has declared it a marine national park.

The island is full of shallow water coral reefs and beautiful diverse marine life. Tourists can enjoy the underwater sightseeing either by glass-bottom boat or diving for a closer look, said.


The soft sandy beach is amazing and the clear water will please swimmers. In addition, there is a hiking trail to see more of the scenic view of the destination.

While this paradise island is now open every day starting from May 15, 2018, Sanook! Travel columnist Peeranut P. mentioned that rules have changed with the new ones being as follows:

  1.  Koh Kham Marine National Park reserves the right to not inform in advance the cancellation of trips to the island should the weather be bad.
  2. This is ecotourism with tourists getting a chance to see flora and fauna in natural state, and for this reason they are not allowed to stay overnight on the island
  3. There is food, drinks and snacks on sale at normal prices on the island.
  4. Tourists are not allowed to bring food in foam boxes or drinks in plastic bottles and glasses to the island.
  5. It is not recommended to bring food to the island from the coast because some types of food give off a strong smell which might bother other tourists, while also attracting flies and being a problem carrying on and off the boat. If necessary only bring as much food as needed so as to not increase the garbage on the island.
  6. Pets are not allowed to go to the island.
  7. Viewing of corals will be restricted if the sea drops and this puts them in danger.
  8. Tourists may not touch, stamp on or collect corals nor collect shells, stones or plants on the island.
  9. Tourists are urged to help take care of the natural environment and not bring materials that might cause harm. Use of soap and shampoo is not allowed on the island and tourists are urged to collect leftovers and garbage and take them back to the coast upon their return.


Top, in-text and below: The beautiful Koh Kham on a sunny day. Photos: