Pro-election leader faints as police surround activists

ONE of the key pro-election activists who are pinned down outside Thammasat University Tha Prachan campus by a large number of police to stop them from marching to the Government House has fainted, INN News reported early this afternoon (May 22, 2018).

Sirawith Seritiwat or Ja New fainted and fell to the ground with other activists calling for water and smelling salts to give him first aid.

The group, who aside from Ja New is also led by Rangsiman Rome, want to march to the Government House to announce their standpoint that the government hold an election this year and clearly set an election date.


As of early this afternoon they were still standing outside Thammasat University on the Sanam Luang side as they held talks with the police to move the procession, but not successful.

Police units are standing up front and blocking the activists with there being  5 vans there with loudspeakers broadcasting that they are breaking the law.


The pro-election group intends to use one traffic lane to go down Ratachamanoen Nai, pass Democracy Monument, through Ratchadamnoen Klang to Phan Fa intersection, then down Ratchadamnoen Nok to Jor  Por Ror intersection, once they reach Makkhawan Junction they intend to stop in front of Education Ministry, which is  opposite the 5th gate of the Government House.

They intend to hold symbolic activities and no-confidence debate against the National Council for Peace and Order on election issue till 6 pm.


Top: Sirawith Seritiwat or Ja New fainting outside Thammasat University early this afternoon. Photo: INN News

In-text and below: The pro-election activists and police face off in front of Thammasat University. Photo: INN News