Where to play your favorite sport in Phuket?

WHILE the majority of travelers to the island come here to enjoy the sun and the wonderful beaches, you may find yourself in a situation where you would love to practice a sport you really like. The good news is: Phuket has its fair share of venues which are adequate to play sports, and we thought we would share with you our top picks to keep your body healthy and your mind clean.


Whether you are a complete amateur or a semi-professional, you will be happy to know that Phuket has several fields that can be rented by the hour, usually from early afternoon until midnight. Phuket Town is the best place to look for, such as two areas in Samkong or the football field nearby Phuket Rajabhat University.

Make yourself a group of friends and head down to engage in a game or two; one should expect the rent to be around 1,000 baht an hour, which can easily be split with the other members.


Again, you will be able to find a few tennis court available in Phuket. A famous spot that comes to mind are the tennis courts at Thanyapura, one of the largest sports facilities on the island. Similar to football, the court can be rented by the hour and goes for a rate of 500 baht average, depending on your needs.

There are also a few hotels that offer tennis court within their premises, so if playing tennis is important, make sure you look for properties such as Le Meridien or Club Med; both have great courts and personal trainers available upon request.


Well, this one is obvious, isn’t it? Phuket being an island, there are plenty of beaches one can access to swim freely into the sea. Now, if you are looking for a swimming pool to do some lengths, then I would suggest the public swimming pool in Sapan Hin or the smaller one in Chalong. The entry fee is really low for both place, but you should avoid the place around noon or in the end of the afternoon as it can become a bit crowded.

Thai Boxing

Now, this is something Thailand is obviously famous for, and a quick trip into Phuket will get you surrounded by clubs and fitness centers that offer Thai Boxing (or Muay Thai, if you fancy speaking Thai) classes for beginners to advanced level. The price varies from one place to another, depending on what type of extra they offer (e.g. access to the gym, extra equipment, private trainers, etc.)

A quick Google search will get you hundreds of potential clubs you can join, for a few hours to a complete training program that spans several weeks.


Wait, what? Well, it may not be considered as a sport by some, but given the bowling community has world championships and the like, I thought I would include them as well. You can find decent bowling alleys in Big C, in Phuket Town, and in Jungceylon, in Patong. Expect to pay 100 – 200 baht, depending on how many games you would like to play.

Is there any other sports you would like to see covered? Anything specific about Phuket? Feel free to let us know in the comment sections! We always love to read from you.

By Nattha Thepbamrung