Step back to prehistoric times at Hub Pa Tat

AMONG the tourist attractions that are becoming very popular in Thailand is Hub Pa Tat valley in Uthai Thani province, which is one of the southern provinces of northern Thailand, with this definitely being high up on the list, Sanook!Travel columnist Peeranut P. wrote on Friday (June 22, 2018).

This primitive forest that has grown over thousands of years reveals the marvels of the earth with its ancient trees and gigantic shrubs that are similar to what grew in the prehistoric era.

Hub Pa Tat

At this valley there is a cave which is like a hall that is clear and not dark like other caves. Throughout the walking distance of 700 meters there are lots of good spots to take photos and these, if shared on social media, will definitely be the talk of the town.

According to, in ancient times, this valley was in a huge cave; when a part of its ‘ceiling’ collapsed, it enabled the sun rays to reach into the valley, only during noon, when the sun was particularly high.

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The result was a valley crowned by high limestone rocks, completely detached from the usual nature outside the cave/valley.

These conditions of partial sunlight and high moisture, along with absolute seclusion from the environment, have caused accelerated growth of ferns and unique palms that were common in the prehistoric times, but currently are very rare and hard to find elsewhere.

The cave was discovered in 1979 by a local monk who also dug out and carved an opening of dozens of meters, to allow a convenient access to the valley.

At a later stage, the Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation recognized the uniqueness and importance of the valley and took the place under its wings to make sure it is well preserved.

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Sanook! Travel added that the geographical characteristics of this unique forest are such that few people would have ever seen the like. The natural trail is cool and lush with greenery with this giving a feeling of being peacefully independent.

Visitors would have a good time walking around taking photos, creating backdrops and discovering something amazing throughout their visit.


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Hub Pa Tat, Thung Na Ngam subdistrict, Lan Sak district Uthai Thani province.

Tickets: Thai adults 20 baht and children 10 baht; foreigners 200 baht plus will get a torch.

Opening hours: 8.30 a.m.  to 4 p.m.

Telephone 0-5698-9128

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