2 ladyboys arrested for stealing from tourists

TWO transvestites were taken for a crime reenactment at northern Chiang Mai city today (Sept 12, 2018) after being caught stealing from a Chinese tourist who was one of their many victims, Thai News Agency reported.

The 2 suspects, who managed to get away with around 15,000 baht in Thai and Chinese currencies, were caught stealing from the tourist at a public park next to Ping river through a CCTV footage, with the victim not having filed a complaint.

They confessed that they had stolen from many people, with the majority being foreign tourists who did not dare to file a complaint.

Their strategy was to drive around tourist areas and befriend a foreign tourist who was walking alone.

They would offer to give him a lift back to the hotel, but on the way they would stop at this park where one of them would entice the tourist to have sex against the wall.

During this the other ladyboy would open the backpack and steal the tourist’s cash and belonging and quickly escape.


Top: The 2 ladyboys reenacting their theft at a park near Ping river. Photo: Thai News Agency