200,000 passengers per day via bus this New Year.

The Transport Co., Ltd. is a state enterprise company that is responsible for a major portion of the land transportation buses including the bus terminals that are spread out through the nation. The Transport company has announced this year that they are ready to provide customers this new year with full preparation that will be able to answer customers demands fully.




It is a culture in Thailand, that on big holidays such as New Years and Songkran (Thai New Years) people that are working far away from their family, they will return to their original province to visit and be with their loved ones for a happy celebration.


A total of 16,707 rides will be available this New Year from the 27th of December 2018 to the 3rd of January 2019. This includes buses of the Transport company, buses from other transport companies, and vans that will reach every destination demanded by customers in Thailand. It is expected that there will be over 200,000 people traveling per day in this period of time.




There will also be an extra of 900 buses and vans that are routes which are not open for operation on normal days, specially designed for this New Year. Where there will be a total of almost 9,000 rides per day.


The Transport company has stated that tickets that were open for bookings ahead of time are all sold out, but customers can purchase tickets directly at the terminal because there will be a continuation of routes until all customers travel back to their families.




The Transport company will punish those who try to resell the tickets for a higher price of what they originally are with fines beginning at 10,000 THB to terminating the contract with the agency or company. Customers can report such fraudulent acts at the Transport company call center at 1490 during 24hrs of the day.


FB Caption: There will be a continuation of routes until there are no customers left.


Source: Khaosod