25 held for gambling at funeral

PUNTERS merrily gambling at a funeral taking place in a temple in southern Songkhla province’s Sadao district quickly dashed off in different directions after police showed up last night but 25 of them were caught and hauled to the police station,  Thai News Agency reported this morning (Aug. 8. 2018).

Crime Suppression Division together with Sadao police station officers raided the gambling session held in a tent pitched next to the coffin at Wat Klang temple at 9.30 p.m., triggering a chaos as the gamblers quickly ran off.

Nevertheless 25 of punters, 17 men and 8 women, who were playing high-low and cards, where caught and seized from the makeshift gambling den were a high-low board, cards, cash and certain amount of  chips.

Police said they mounted this raid after finding out that gambling sessions had been surreptitiously taking place at this funeral for many nights now with different groups of gamblers taking turns to come in to play from evening till late night.


Top: Some of the gamblers police arrested at the funeral last night. Photo: Thai News Agency