3 dead, 30 injured in Petchaburi Road apartment fire

A FIRE at Rajtevee apartment in Petchaburi Road soi 18 that broke out at 2 a.m. led to 3 people being killed and over 30 others injured with the last group of trapped victims finally rescued at 6 a.m. this morning (April 2), Thai News Agency reported.

The fire broke out in electricity control room on the 5th floor in the dead of the night when most of the over 300 people living in 180 apartments were asleep.

The blaze spread quickly to various floors via the electrical wire pipes and there was thick black smoke in the corridors.

Those living here ran for their lives to the ground floor, with most choking on the smoke upon reaching safety.

pre-dawn fire

However a group of 20 people, with children and the sick among them, were trapped on the 13th floor and only rescued at 6 a.m.

Of the 3 people who died, one was a guard, Mr Mathip Rodthim, 46, the second one was mechanic whose name is not yet known and the third an unidentified man living in room number 1239.

Of the over 30 people injured in this blaze, 19 of them are still being treated at Ramathipbodi, Ratchawithi, Klang, Watchira Phayaban, Police, Mongkutklao, Phaya Thai and Chula hospitals.

Bangkok Governor Pol Gen Asawin Kwanmuang went to check the blaze and was informed that it is initially suspected that the fire started in the electrical distribution room, with key cause being that  this building is almost 30 years old and the wires were probably old and damaged, which triggered a short circuit.

However a team of forensic officers will soon be in to check in detail.

Those who want to make inquiries may do so at Erawan Center at telephone numbers 1669 or 1646.


Top: The fire-hit apartment building and people being rescued and rushed to the hospital. Photos: Thai News  Agency

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