Protest against China’s durian trademark

THAILAND’S Intellectual Property Rights Department (IPRD) has sent a protest note to its Chinese counterpart after learning that a Chinese trader has registered a Thai durian name as its trademark, reported today (April 2).

The IPRD took action after being informed that a Chinese trader had registered the word “monthong” as its trademark in China. “Monthong” is the most expensive Thai durian variety, and is well known among Chinese tourists who come to Thailand each year to enjoy the fruit.

Mr Chotechai Buadit, head of Rayong Agricultural Cooperatives, said the IPRD must take prompt action before Thai durian growers lose their market to Chinese farmers.


Top: A pile of monthong durian variety. Photo: Jim (CC-by-SA-2.0)

By Songpol Kaopatumtip