Baby stealing suspect arrrested, may be connected to human trafficking.

Officials have arrested a man after he stole a 2-day-old newborn from the hospital. Investigation continues as police believe this may be connected to a human trafficking gang. Nantajak 43 years old from Nakhon Pathom Province drove into a hospital and stole a newborn that was sleeping in the mother’s arms. The incident took place at 3.30 pm at the Banglen Hospital on 14 August 2023. Yuparat 26 years old the mother was sleeping when the suspect took her baby and placed it inside a black fabric bag. He walked to his vehicle and drove home. When police arrested the suspect they found the newborn injured and delivered the baby to the hospital. 



Nantajak claims he only stole the baby because he had always wanted to be a father. Police do not believe the claims as this case may be connected to another missing baby case. The baby is 8 months old and is a famous case in Thailand. Media and villagers fill Klong Toh Mu Village in the Banglen District, Nakhon Pathom Province. Surin 81 years old, a granny in the village stated that the suspect used to work at a factory. She hasn’t seen him go to work for about a year and he rarely comes outside. No one really saw him so they thought he was at work. 



Kamlai 43 years old, a relative of the suspect is one of the main suspects that villagers believe took Tor, an 8-month-old baby that went missing. Natajak’s home is located just across from Tor’s home. Before the suspect stole the 2-year-old baby, villagers already suspected Nantajak’s connection to the case of Tor. Furthermore, Nantajak’s home used security cameras; when Tor’s case became famous, the cameras were all removed. When villagers heard Nantajak stole a baby from the hospital, their suspicions increased about the suspect’s connection to Tor’s case. Police know of this information and will continue the investigation. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The suspect’s home is located right across from another missing baby’s home. 

Source: Khaosod