3 lives saved after stuck in hospital elevator.

A group of 3 people was stuck inside a hospital elevator for 30 minutes before they were saved by the local rescue team. The incident took place on 8 October 2023 at 12.30 when the Sawang Trat Rescue team in Trat Province received notification of the emergency. The elevator was inside Trat Hospital, the main provincial hospital. Inside were 3 persons including a small child aged 3-4 years old. The team of 10 volunteers went to the location right away along with the required equipment. The elevator is located on floor 3 where the team met with Kriang 30 years old. Kriang was on the phone with his mother who was stuck inside the elevator.



The mother and his son were inside along with another person. The team asked for permission to open the elevator as there may be some damage left behind on the elevator doors. After investigating they discovered the persons were actually located more on the 2nd floor. An employee of the hospital tried to use a key to open the elevator. This worked but only one side of the door opened so the team worked together and managed to open the door in only a few minutes. The 2 adults inside the elevator were feeling okay, but the child was scared. Once the team managed to open both doors the child felt relieved.



Kriang stated he notified the hospital but their team took so long and he decided to notify the local rescue team for help. The elevator was getting hotter inside by the moment. The 3 were afraid as they realize getting stuck inside an elevator is very dangerous. They also were not sure how long the hospital employees were going to take and decided to get help from the local rescue team who may have more expertise on rescue. Other persons who were inside the hospital all heard of what was happening and gathered to watch in front of the elevator.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Captions: They notified the hospital but it was taking too long so the stuck persons decided to notify the local rescue team.

Credit: Khaosod