Warning, do not touch bright beautiful sea creatures.

There are often times we go to the beach and see beautiful washed-up seashells on the beach. Sometimes we even see jellyfish but the best rule is to not touch any creatures if you do not know what they are. This is true for a man who found a beautiful blue creature that washed up on the beach. Netizens who know what this is has helped warn others to not touch it. Although not as dangerous as the famous Australian box jellyfish, there is still a chance you may be allergic and get a negative reaction from touching the mysterious creature.



This blue jelly-like animal was found in Australia, where many dangerous animals can be found. The picture was originally posted to Reddit as the original poster noticed it looked almost alien-like. The creature was small and bright with long blue hair. Other netizens commented they had never seen this animal before and some offered their knowledge. One netizen even noted that Aussies seem to know more about animals than those from other countries. While some did not know what this was, they knew the one rule never to touch it if you do not know it.



This is Porpita porpita also commonly known as Blue Button. They are marine organisms found in warmer waters. They are similar to jellyfish and can grow up to 30 mm . In the middle is hard and round shaped with golden patterns. The hair are polyps and not tentacles. These hold stinging cells called nematocysts. They rely on drifting to keep moving from the waves and wind. Porpita’s eat fishes and even crabs but their main diet are crustacean larvae. These bright sea creature will sting but they are usually not life threatening. Their sting can cause contact dermatitis.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Porpita’s are not life threatening but it is best to leave them alone.

Credit: Khaosod, Reddit