Otter loose on airplane.

A passenger had smuggled wild protected animals onto an airplane traveling from Thailand to Taiwan. The animals got loose in the airplane causing a scene as other passengers spotted a baby otter running around. The plane landing was delayed for 1 hour as no one admitted to the crime. Passengers jumped onto their seats when they realized an animal was running around on the airplane floor. At first, the passengers thought the baby otter was a rat, because of its tiny size. 3 baby otters were caught inside the airplane. After searching, the flight team realized other animals were smuggled onto the plane, including rats and snakes.



Flight attendants had to chase down the animals and one was bitten on the hand. The team announced on the flight asking for the person who smuggled the animals onto the plane to reveal themselves but no one admitted. One passenger talked to a flight attendant while crying. The flight attendant recognized this passenger as she was late and came on the same bus as the attendant. This passenger walked to the back of the plane, acting as if she was going to use the bathroom. But after she walked back, the baby otter that was previously caught had disappeared.



The team started searching again but it was not inside the suspicious woman’s belonging. The team announced that if no one admitted to the crime, they would have to hold everyone inside the plane until officials can start investigating. Not long after, 2 more animals got loose on the plane. It is believed that there was a team responsible for the animal smuggling as a row of passengers intentionally left behind a black bag under their seats. When asked if it belonged to them, they all said no. Hopefully, officials find evidence to prosecute the persons responsible to the crime.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Protected animals were smuggled onto an airplane from Thailand to Taiwan.

Credit: Khaosod