30 injured as school tour bus flips over

A HAPPY field trip by around 50 students and teachers from Chaiyaphum to a park in Leoi, both provinces in the northeast, ended sadly with 30 of them being injured after the tour bus flipped over while going downhill and hit a sedan, Thai News Agency reported this morning (Sept. 28, 2018).

The students and teachers were returning from a field trip to Hin Pha Ngam Park in Loei, but the driver of the tour bus lost control of the large vehicle and hit a sedan at the curvy rural Nong Hin – Kunming road in Nong Hin district at 1.10 p.m. yesterday .

Rescuers quickly took the injured students and teachers plus those  in the sedan to nearby hospitals for treatment.

Police are questioning the drivers of both vehicles, with the tour bus driver emerging unscathed from the accident, to determine the cause of the accident for further legal action.


Top and below: The tour bus lying sideways on the rural road after the accident, above, and rescue vehicles arriving at the scene, below. Photos: Thai News Agency

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