40,000 overpriced medical masks found at Rong Kluea Market.

40,000 medical masks were found and seized in Rong Kluea Market on the Thai-Cambodia border Aranyaprathet in Sa Kaeo Province. Covid-19 has created a hunt for medical masks in Thailand. Medical masks that are made in Thailand are currently almost impossible to find, forcing the people to source masks made in Japan, Vietnam, and other nations brought into the nation by local sellers. All medical masks are about 15 times the normal price and as high as the price is the number of people scammed into buying fake masks and transferring money to fake sellers.


Officials received notification that medical masks sold at Rong Kluea Market are overpriced. Police Colonel Paopakorn Ramnuch from the Sa Kaeo Police Station along with other related officials went to inspect the market. Officials found 2 locations storing medical masks. The first location in a room they found 4 large boxes of masks with 10,000 masks inside. The second location inside a clothing store officials found 12 large boxes with 30,000 masks inside. A total of 40,000 medical masks were seized.


The owner of the masks had escaped just before the officials arrived. Officials found information that pointed to the source on a Facebook page named “Cheap medical masks” in Thai. Many customers posted on the page in search of masks and sellers replied with overpriced selections. Most of the masks on the market right now is made in Vietnam. The evidence has been moved to the Khlong Luek Police Station in Sa Kaeo Province and police are continuing the investigation to find the owner. Hopefully, the recent cases of arrested overpriced mask sellers will warn other sellers to stop taking advantage of the pandemic. For sellers that are making little money from the business, it might be the right time to find another source of income.


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: Officials discovered medical masks stored for sale in Aranyaprathet, Sa Kaeo Province. The owner escaped right before the police arrived.


Source: Khaosod