4K Cameras at 30 intersections across Bangkok this September.

A new 4K project was introduced on 30 August 2019 called the “Red Light Camera System”. The new cameras will be running 24/7 to protect against drivers running the red light in Bangkok. During the trial period of 14 days from 1 – 14 August, 22,260 drivers were caught driving the red light which is an average of 1,590 drivers per day. The punishment for such violation of traffic law is 1,000 THB fine with a delivered ticket to your doorstep.


Credit: Nation Thailand
Credit: Nation Thailand


Police Major General Jirasan Kaewsangek from the Metropolitan Police stated that Bangkok is one of the leading cities in the number of accidents. Running the red light is very common. Traffic Police have been doing their best and in July there were 1,932 drivers who ran the red light.


From the regulations of Thailand 4.0, The Royal Thai Police and related government sectors have been ordered to be more strict in the protection of safety on the road by adopting new technologies into the system. The Red Light Camera System is an automatic sensor that highlights those who ran a red light.


The system has actually been in use since 2009, but back then the technology wasn’t efficient enough to detect cars at night time. The technology has been updated and installed in 30 red light intersections across Bangkok. The police are ready to start using the system on 1st September 2019.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


There will be 2 warning signs for drivers to be aware of the automatic 4K red light violation cameras at 100 meters and 50 meters before the actual red light. Each point will have 2 to 3 cameras at each intersection with 4K resolution (12 MP) and infrared technology.


The 14 day trial period showed that the Ratchada – Rama 4 had the most red-light violations at 3,082 out of 22,260 from all intersections.


FB Caption: During the 14 day trial period from 1 – 14 August, exactly 22,260 drivers were caught running the red light.


Source: Sanook