Woman lied about being attacked, robbed by cabbie

GOOD investigation work by the police revealed that a young woman who showed up earlier this week with a lot of cuts on her arm and claimed that a taxi driver had attacked her and stolen a brand-name handbag and cash from her had in fact lied and had cut herself, INN News reported today (Feb. 22).

Pol Maj Gen Thirapong Wongrathphithak, head of Metropolitan Police Division 4,  told INN News that police got suspicious after questioning Miss Thongprakai Suksirat and went and checked  security cameras at the places she mentioned, and found out that she had lied.

She later admitted to having lied, and said she did so because she was stressed out about money and family problems, so used a razor to cut herself 43 times and then called a friend to take her to report this false attack at Lad Phrao police station.

However, she denied that she had run up a debt at a restaurant as reported in social media, saying she did not owe anyone any money except for friends who immediately transfer money to her.

She added that she had cleared the bill at that pub in Ratchada soi 18 that night too, and apologized to taxi drivers, police, media and all those who followed this story for having lied.


Top: Miss Thongprakai with the police at this afternoon’s press briefing.  Photo: