500 employees wrongfully terminated from Tour company.

Employees of a tour company named “Tuhao” were wrongfully terminated. Some did not receive their pay and did not get their insurance money returned. Some were forced to write resignation letters to the company. Ekkapop Luengprasit the owner of Facebook page “Sai Mai Tong Rod” in Thai represented 30 out of about 500 victims on 9 December 2022. This is a Facebook page that helps bring justice to many cases in Thailand. Reports have been filed at the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare in Bangkok.  Most of the victims are tour bus drivers who were forced to leave their jobs. Tuhao is a tour company who mainly provides services to Chinese tourists in Thailand. 



Following the Covid-19 situation in 2020 the company placed a new measure for employees to stop working with the promise of 50% pay every month. None of the employees received pay as promised. The company then called them all in to write resignation letters. Non of them received compensation as deemed by the Labour Law in Thailand. Furthermore, the employees each paid 20,000 THB in insurance which had to be returned, but the company never did. Ari Sriraksa 40 years old a tour bus driver stated he has been working at the company since 2017 but was ordered to stop working in February 2020. 



The company then paid him 50% of his normal pay which is 9,000 THB once. Since then he has never received pay. The company would not answer any of his questions. Later, the company called employees in and made them write resignation letters. They also kept the 20,000 THB insurance money from all employees. The victims hope to find justice and want compensation from the company which they have a right to. The Department has accepted the reports and will continue the investigation. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: None of the employees have received pay and the Tuhao Tour company will not return their insurance money. 


Source: Khaosod