The house with over 50 mystery fires.

A household in Pyakpummisai district, Mahasarakham province have had over 50 mysterious fires ignite within the home over a period of only 2 months. The fires have caused great danger and problems for those living in the home. When arriving at the home, a big tent provided by the district is in front of the house, where all the personal belongings including furniture and clothes are placed under the tent in order to keep safe from the fires that won’t stop arising in the household. Furthermore, even the beds are placed under the tent, as it is a safer place to sleep than within the house. Most of the furniture pieces have historical marks left behind from the fires that once almost burned them down.



Photo : Amarintv


The house was built in 1997 with 4 residents of the family residing in the house without anything supernatural happening. Then the change came in the past July, where lightning struck the house, causing damages to many electrical appliances in the household. Electricians from the district were sent to inspect the electric system of the house and found out that the electrical meter (kilowatt-hour meter) of the house was not damaged. The electricians cut the power supply down and proceeded to inform the family to use electric in the household only when necessary.


The first fire was on 29th of August, the fire randomly started in the middle of the house. On the same day, over 13 fires started up in the house. The district was called in for help from the family, they brought in 4 fire extinguishers with a tent to temporarily store household items and personal belongings in. The duration of fires continued for 15 days, with an average of 4 fires a day. The fires stopped for two weeks, but shortly after continued in October and has never stopped since.




There is no electricity running in the house as the electricians cut off the power supply, so electric cannot be the cause of the fires. Bunmee, who is the owner of the house went to a monk that she is close to and asked the monk to come and bless the house. But even afterward the blessing the fires continued on. Bunmee further stated that she is extremely stressed by the fires and cannot leave the house from the fear a fire rising. The district and officials are still currently searching for the true cause of the fires.


FB Caption: No one can figure out what the fires are caused by….


Source: Amarintv