70-year-old monk not able to cross bridge killed in hit and run.

A 70-year-old monk was not able to cross the bridge and as a result he had to cross the road. The monk was a victim of a terrible road accident after a hit ad run took away his life. Police Captain Narasak Wongpota from the Ratburana Police station in Bangkok received notification on 2 June 2021 at 5.30 on a road accident at the Wat Son intersection. The local rescue team went to the location on Suksawat road. The team found monk Phra Charan 70-year-old from the Wat Son temple. The victim has been a monk for a long time. He was found dead on the road bleeding from his head and left arm.


Credit: Sanook


30 meters away from the monk were car remains from a black car, but the actual car was no where to be found as the driver has made his escape. Chaloem Chai 47-year-old the son and Angkana 26-year-old the granddaughter received notification of the accident. They traveled to the location and saw the body. Both were in shock and the granddaughter fainted on the road. The rescue team made sure she was safe, and she finally regained consciousness after a while. The body has been sent to the Siriraj Hospital.



Security cameras nearby captured the accident and there are witnesses of the tragic accident. Lapatlada 48 years old a food vendor stated that she was preparing food for the day when there was a loud brake sound. She turned towards the sound and saw a black truck that ran straight into the monk. His body flew into the air and fell on the road right in front of her eyes. The truck continued driving and never stopped. Lapatlada revealed the monk always crossed the same road every morning. Chaloem Chai stated he would always wait on his motorbike for the monk on the other side of the road at 6 am every day. His father had arthritis and could not cross the bridge, so his father would cross at the intersection where there are light signals.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The monk would cross the same road everyday in the morning, he had arthritis and could not use the bridge.


Source: Sanook