Over 9 tons of illicit drugs torched

IN marking United Nations International Day against Drugs and Illicit Trafficking today (June 26) the Thai government torched 9,321 kilograms of drugs from 6,546 cases worth 20.719 billion baht, INN News said.

Among the drugs incinerated were 7,886 kilograms of methamphetamines worth 17.528 billion baht; 1,185 kilograms of ice worth 2.964 billion baht and 169 kilograms of heroin worth 184 million baht.

The ceremonial bonfire of the drugs , 47th time seized drugs have been destroyed, was presided over by Dr Thawat Suntarajan, an assistant to Public Health Minister Dr  Rajata Rajatanavin, who said addiction to these drugs has to be speedily halted by spreading knowledge among youths.

Drug addiction causes numerous problems within the country including human trafficking, money laundering and corruption and for this reason all sides should cooperate in bringing addicts in for medical treatment and spread knowledge among youths so that they don’t get involved in drugs, he added.


Top: A big pile of illicit drugs that was incinerated today. Photo: INN News


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