Air quality update: Haze expected to worsen on Jan 21st.

The Pollution Control Department has reported on Jan 20th that the air quality level remains at quantities that can affect your health. There are 18 areas by the main roads that are more affected than others and 9 areas not located near the main roads that are affected more than others. The Pollution Control Department also estimates that the pollution can become worse on Jan 21st in Bangkok.




There is very little air passing through Bangkok, causing a build-up of pollution making the haze even heavier than it already is. The Government has ordered to set up 20 checkpoints in Bangkok to scan the carbon dioxide emissions on vehicles. For all of 5 provinces that have red zones where specific areas have been declared to have pollutants that can affect personal health, there have been special orders to clean the roads everyday, special water pressure machines, and to keep a close eye on construction sites.


The Department of Health has expressed concerns for street vendors, motorbike drivers, public cleaning staff, and Tuk Tuk drivers. Those working in the open air, especially by the streets have a high risk of breathing in more tiny particles than the average person. Persons with health issues especially those with concerns on the breathing system can be more sensitive to pollution at this time. If you have a sudden headache or have trouble breathing it is advised to consult a doctor. These people such as street food vendors are heavily advised to wear N95 masks at all times while outside to properly protect their health.


The food sold on the streets also has high risks of the tiny particles adhering onto the food. The ingredients should be cleaned with a lot of water before preparation and stored in closed packaging for safe consumption. Consumers are advised to purchase food that is sanitary, consumers must also wash their hands before picking up any food to eat.



FB Caption: There is very little air passing through Bangkok, causing a build-up of pollution.


Source: INN News