Chinese arrested after stealing 20M THB of Thai cosmetics.

Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang from the Immigration Police reported the arrest of Zin Yi 42 years old from China. Zin Yi is wanted by a criminal arrest warrant under the charges of purchasing stolen goods. Another Chinese suspect was also arrested at the same time named Kwan Lee 32 years old. Kwan Lee had sold fake dietary supplementary pills in China and flew into Thailand to hide with his Thai wife.




A victim came to report an incident with the Crime Suppression Division Police in May of this year. She had hired a delivery company named Tai Long Tah located in Rama 3, Bangkok to deliver over 60,000 items of cosmetic products to China. The products were worth at least 20 Million THB.


The receiver in China never received the products. When the victim tried to track the delivery she found out that the company has closed down. Furthermore, Zin Yi sold cosmetics on “WeChat” application to buyers in China.


The police tracked him down and discovered that he was working in Thailand at a company located on Ratchadapisek Road, Bangkok. They arrested him at his office and he has denied all charges presented to him.


Credit: INN News
Credit: INN News


Another Chinese man was also arrested at the same time named Kwan Lee 32 years old. Kwan has sold fake dietary supplements on WeChat to customers in China. The victims are customers who consumed such pills and fell ill due to the unknown ingredients inside.


Kwan belongs to a group that makes fake supplement pills on the Chinese market. These pills use fake registration numbers and advertise large claims of whitening and losing weight. Often times the ingredients used are extremely toxic and poisonous chemicals including mercury. Kwan Lee escaped to Thailand in an attempt to run away from his wrongdoings and was living with his Thai wife at the time of the arrest.


FB Caption: The cosmetics products were never delivered to the receiver in China. They were sold to buyers via WeChat application.


Source: INN News