Ambulance explodes at a hospital

An ambulance has exploded while at the Chaophraya Yommarat Hospital in Suphan Buri Province. The explosion took place at an unexpected location, patients were shocked and ran for their lives, luckily no one was injured in the incident. The 191 radio station in Suphan Buri received notification of an ambulance that exploded at a hospital on 24 June 2020 in front of the Heart Disease building. Officials from the station and officials from the Central Police Forensic Science went to inspect the area right away. 


Credit: INN News


When officials arrived in front of the Heart Disease building at the hospital they found an ambulance on fire. The local rescue team and police worked together to put out the flames. After 15 minutes they were able to stop the fire. Patients and medical personnel nearby managed to run away from the flames and no one was injured in the incident. Although all at the hospital were shocked as the hospital is one of the last places that you’d expect to witness an explosion. 


Credit: INN News


Investigation revealed that the ambulance driver had just refilled the oxygen tank used in the vehicle for patients, mainly towards accident victims. The driver filled the oxygen tank and drove to the heart Disease building to pick up a patient. While the team was moving the hospital patient to the ambulance the vehicle suddenly exploded. Black smoke filled the area and the ambulance was on fire. The team managed to move the patient out from the area in time. The local police station was notified, together police and the rescue team put out the fire before anyone got hurt. 


The patient was almost inside the ambulance when it exploded, if the incident took place even seconds later, the team members and the patient would have definitely been injured. There was so much smoke that security cameras nearby were blinded. It is estimated that the cause of the explosion was from an overfilled oxygen tank. Police are investigating to find the true cause of the explosion so that the incident does not reoccur in the future. 



FB Caption: The ambulance exploded seconds before a hospital patient and the team was about to go inside. 


Source: INN News