Ameria’s parents rush to visit her

THE parents of well-known TV star Ameria “Amy” Jacobs quickly came to visit her at Sai Mai police station and police are getting ready to take the two suspects in the drug case to Minburi court this afternoon, INN News said today (Sept. 21)

Amid heavy media presence Hannas Jacobs and his wife Lamduan brought food and supplies for their daughter who is also former Miss Teen Thailand 2006.

Patrol and Special Operation Division Police (191) arrested Ameria, 28, and her boyfriend Punyawat Hiratdecha, 40, after they found 70 grams of crystal methamphetamine (Ice) and 16 Esctasy pills as well as intake equipment at a house in Sai Mai area and took them to Sai Mai police station for further legal action because this area is under their jurisdiction.

Mrs Lamduan told the press in a shaky voice after visiting her daughter that she still can’t accept this yet. She refused to give any further details because the legal process is underway.

Police investigators revealed that they are right now questioning Punyawat and will likely be taking the two suspects to Minburi court to seek approval to hold them longer this afternoon.

Chaiwat Dejapathum, Punyawat’s lawyer said his client admits taking drugs but refutes that the seized drugs were his but he is also not throwing accusations at others. He also denied telling the police he possessed and sold drugs but what the police reports says has still to be studied.

He added that he will be holding talks with Ameria’s lawyer so that they fight the case in the same direction. No bail is being applied for because the amout of drugs seized is higher than stated in the law.


Top: Ameria Jacobs’ parents, Hannas and Lamduan, visiting her at Sai Mai police station. Photo: INN News