Bank says missing cash used to buy online products

THE bank in northeastern Chaiyaphum province where a Swedish man and his Thai wife suffered the mysterious loss of almost half a million baht from their account says they have found evidence that it was used to buy online products, reported today (Oct 4, 2018).

Mr Tryggve Olsson from  Sweden and his Thai wife had asked for justice when they filed a report with Chiyaphum police that over 480,000 baht went missing from their account during August 16 to September 17 this year, with only 680 baht remaining.

The manager of the bank network in Chiyaphum called police in as they checked withdrawals from this account, and it was discovered that the large sum of cash had been used to buy online products.

The Chiyaphum bank is currently liaising with the legal section at the head office in investigating how these payments could have been made, and who ordered the purchase of the online products.

The result of the investigation should be out within one week, and even if the wrongdoer is linked to the bank it confirmed it will take strict legal action regardless of who it may be.

However if it is found that the online purchases were made by hacking into this account then the police will take action in finding the culprit.


Top: The bank passbook page showing money having been withdrawn. Photo: