American boy stole speed boat for a night ride.

The Suvarnabhumi Airport authorities arrested an American man on the 24th of this month with an arrest warrant issued from his speed boat adventures on PP islands. The man was on his way to leave Thailand when he was arrested and then he was sent back to Krabi province for prosecution. The man stole a speedboat in the middle of the night to take out for a nighttime adventure in the sea, but he ended up breaking the boat causing at least 350k THB damage for the boat owner.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


This incident took place on the 19th of this month when Apitsamai parked a speedboat, but left the key inside the boat on the Loh Da Lam Beach in Krabi province. Then at around 10.30 a drunk tourist walked into the speed boat and drove it out into the ocean. There was a boat driver resting on his boat when this happened, the boat driver tried to stop the tourist but it was too late.


On the next morning, the speed boat was spotted on the Laem Tong beach which was about 15 kilometers away from the original spot where the speedboat was left. The speed boat was extremely damaged on the outside and the motor inside was also broken. The boat had at least 350k THB of damage done to it.


The tourist went inside a hotel near the beach and asked where he was. Then he showed the reception at the hotel his passport. He then hired another boat to take him back to his hotel located on the PP Islands. The speedboat owner came to file a report with the police, where he was later captured at Suvarnabhumi Airport.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


Police Colonel Kritpas Detchinthasorn from the PP Islands Police reported that they tracked down the tourist from the security cameras in the area. The reception staff at the hotel also remembered the name of the man from his passport that he showed to her on the other night. There were also other witnesses that saw the man driving the speed boat.


Parker 25 years old is from the United States. He arrived on PP Islands with 6 other friends on the 19th of this month. Together they left the islands secretly with clothes covering their faces on the 20th of this month. An arrest warrant was issued for Parker on the 23rd of this month on charges of property damages.


Turns out Parker tried to rent other speedboats to drive around on the night of the crime, but no one would rent the speed boat to him with fear of their speed boats being damaged as he was extremely drunk. Parker than stole the speedboat parked on the beach and drove it out into the ocean.


FB Caption: The man stole a strangers speed boat out for an adventure in the ocean at night, in the morning the boat had at least 350k of damages.


Source: Sanook