Baby’s tip helps aunt win first prize lottery

A one year and 11 months old baby called Nong Porsche helped his aunt win the first prize in yesterday’s lottery draw by tipping her off on the last two digits of the winning number, said today (August 17).

Bualom, 48, has been celebrating her big win at her house in Kosum Pisai district in Maha Sarakham province after the two lottery tickets she had bought with the number 715431 brought her 6 million baht each.

She said she bought the tickets after her nephew told her that the next winning lottery number would be 31.

She had forgotten about the two lottery tickets until some mentioned the first prize number to her and celebrations have been continuing nonstop since then.


Top: Bualom displays her winning lottery tickets. Photo:

By Songpol Kaopatumtip


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