Big lottery winners December 2022.

The latest Government lottery draw has brought great luck to many. There are a few big winners from this draw on 1 December 2022. This includes winnings of 96, 48, and 6 million THB. The first winner won 96 million THB with 16 lottery tickets. The tickets were online lottery tickets, and this is the biggest prize since online tickets became available. The winning number is 375805 and in Thailand you will win 6 million THB for each winning ticket. The winner has chosen to remain private, but Luan Sangsanit from the Revenue Department revealed the information that someone had purchased 16 tickets with the grand prize number. 



The next winner is a man from Chonburi Province who won with 8 tickets bringing in 48 million THB. Pantawat Nakwisut from Kong Salak Plus, an online lottery retailer, went to hand over the 48 million to Ti from Chonburi Province. Ti told Khaosod News Team that he was praying with incense sticks and saw the number. He memorized the number and purchased 8 tickets that turned out to all be the winning tickets. The retailer called Ti and told him the good news. They then traveled to see him and handed over all of cash. Ti stated he is extremely happy and will save most of the money along with donating a part of it to further good. 



There are more winners but the last winner in this story is a woman who won 6 million THB with 1 winning ticket. A Facebook account named “Wichain Monplub” posted to congrats the winner and stated “Oh wow I am screaming because of happiness. Congratulations to Jan, she is my friend at the local provincial office. There is a grand prize winner in our area now”. Netizens went to congratulate Jan on her lucky win. These are 3 lucky winners from the latest government lottery draw. The first winner in this story is extremely lucky as it is very rare that someone would purchase 16 tickets with the same number. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The winner won 96 million THB with 16 winning tickets. 


Source: Khaosod