Gas cylinder explodes at Rayong market

A GAS cylinder exploded at a shop selling cooking gas in Rayong market last night (June 19) leading to five people including a 10-year-old girl being badly injured, Thai News Agency said this morning.

The explosion took place at 9 pm at Prakob Gas Company’s shop in Saphan See Market in Rayong’s Pluak Daeng district with all five badly burnt victims sent to Pluak Daeng Hospital.

Gas blast Rayong

Initial investigation showed that workers were filling LPG gas into a cylinder when it exploded sending the five victims flying in different directions with their clothes burnt and torn. The blast could have either been because this cylinder leaked or one of the others nearby did so with the gas hitting the sparks from welding work taking place at the rear of the shop at that very moment.

Police officers have cordoned off this area as a dangerous zone with entry forbidden and forensic police will be working out the real cause of the blast.


Top: The shop at Rayong’s Saphan See Market where a gas cylinder exploded last night. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset:  One of the five badly injured victims being taken to the hospital. Photo: Thai News Agency



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